Passion to Lead

Advice for inspirational leaders

Awaken your inner leader and forge your unique path to career success. The great reassessment is here and with it comes an opportunity to decide on and be the person you want to be.

“A Must Read For Any Leader. So many truthful points are made in this book. The chapters I found particularly useful were on imagination, intuition and plan plan and plan again.”
- Jonathan J. Daniels (Amazon review)

In September of 2022 Julio published his first book “Passion to Lead”, getting to number 1 in Amazon UK and Spain in business books.

This book is an incisive look at the journey of an outsider to becoming a global CEO. It’s packed with personal lessons and advice for ambitious leaders in a post-Covid world who dare to dream and forge their own paths.

Not just another leadership book, this book will help you:

• Gain an understanding of a CEO’s journey from an entrepreneur who leads multinational brands

• Get clarity about what you want to achieve, planning for it and sustaining the drive to get there is vital

• Ensure that your company reflects society in all its diversity

• Inspire and motivate others with your passion and vision

• Unlock your full potential by embracing change

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